Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Glazing My Way Through a Seascape

I am currently working on several 40”x30” canvases for an upcoming solo show in December at the Players Theater in Sarasota, Fl. In addition to my existing paintings, I am creating a series of water paintings using a glazing technique.

Although I had created paintings that incorporated some glazing in the past, these will be painted primarily through glazing many layers of blues and greens to try to achieve a translucent feel to the water.

The following are several progress photos of the first painting using this technique. I began with a grisaille (monotone under-painting) and then layered a glaze of color each day, letting it dry overnight. After six layers of various glazes, I am now in the later stages of adding highlights and modifying areas that still need some adjusting.


After 2nd glaze

After 4th glaze

After 6th glaze

After 2nd application of highlights

It's a very challenging way for me to approach a painting since I have to force myself to be patient with the day-to-day process. I still have some work to do on this yet but I can now see it coming together in these final stages. Then, on to the next.
Have a great week everyone.

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