Sunday, August 9, 2015

Art Imitating Life or Vise Versa

A couple of years ago, before our governments decided to kiss and make-up, I painted a scene about Cuban musical street life. It was for a themed gallery exhibition coinciding with the Bradenton Blues Festival. I wanted the painting to include ingredients of the Caribbean, music, and the color blue. So, I invented a scene out of my imagination and painted, Havana Blues, an original 24"x30" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. The scene portrays an impromptu gathering of musicians serenading a woman who is standing in her doorway on the other side of the street. Maybe she just listened or maybe she joined in -- adding her magnificent voice.

Havana Blues by Alan Zawacki

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this beautiful video a few days ago of a real Cuban street serenade that perfectly parallels my intended theme. This video was done in the streets of Havana. Even though it is a melancholy song, about the loss of her lover, it also has freshness, love, and humor. The author is Jorge Rojas and it's played by local street musicians.

Even if you don't understand Spanish, I hope that the warmth of this scene is contagious and puts a smile on your face. 

You can find details of the painting, Havana Blues at: Havana Blues

Have a great week,