Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Water, Water, Everywhere

After a break of several months, I have again returned to painting seascapes and landscapes of Florida and the Caribbean. My passion for painting revolves around the clear, transparent, aqua/turquoise water of these tropical locations. Many of my paintings display the movement of the sun's reflective patterns on the water's surface. The shimmering light, the variation of blues and greens, are all part of painting illusion of the water on a canvas. I also enjoy painting the illusion of seeing rocks and coral reef outcroppings below the surface. I could sit by the water's edge and be mesmerized by the crystal clear, shallow water for hours. Here are a few examples of my paintings that attempt to show these effects.

Taking Flight by Alan Zawacki - 36x48 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

In my painting, Taking Flight, the scene portrays the illusion of partially submerged rocks and the focal point of the foreground seagull taking off to join his flock off in the distance.

Sand Dollar by Alan Zawacki - 30x40 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
 Sand Dollar portrays the dance of the sea foam as it partially obscures the sand dollar on the beach. 

Low Tide Sunset by Alan Zawacki - 36x48 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas - SOLD

Low Tide Sunset displays the brilliant sun as it reflects off of the shallow water. The reds, golds and blues of the sunset also bounce off of the water to create an intoxicating spectrum of colors.
I will continue to appreciate the magic of the light and water where I live and as I paint my tropical seascapes. 
Until next time - Enjoy,