Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Progression of a Still Life

I occasionally get the inspiration to create a still life painting, especially when the weather outside is not favorable to setting up for a location plein air painting. This time, I thought that I might document how I go about creating a still life. There are many, many artists that are much better at creating still life paintings than I. But since I enjoy it, I will continue to practice, practice, practice.

First, I set up a make-shift arrangement in my studio with some direct lighting on the subject.

Then, I quickly sketched the composition in pencil, just to see if I liked the layout.

OK. I liked that, so I used some paint to lay in the basic shapes.

Now, I wanted to apply some basic color. It didn't have to be spot on at this stage. I just wanted to get it close.

Next, I wanted to refine the color and shapes a bit more.

It's time to lay in some background. I used a white blanket for my actual set-up because that's all I had at the time, but I wanted to create a colored background to add interest. I also began to work on the reflections on the glass of wine.

Lastly, I darkened the background again, added the cashew nuts, and refined the color and detail.

The framed painting ---- Simple Snack (11"x14" acrylic on canvas board).

That was fun. 
By the way, when I was done, I ate and drank the props. Can't let anything go to waste.

Have a great week,