Sunday, February 9, 2014

Plein Air Painting in Jamaica

I recently returned from a working vacation to Negril, Jamaica. I can never get enough of the Caribbean. And, this island has it all; friendly people, beautiful scenery and great beaches.

I think that Jamaica sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to safety and security. Although, the Caribbean islands have their share of poverty, I find that’s also true of mainland USA. There are many places in any city in the US that I would not want to be walking down the road alone.

That said, Jamaica has a wide variety of beauty and rich culture. And, the jerk chicken is to die for!

I brought some acrylic paint and canvas boards with me on this trip. I always use acrylics when traveling because of the ease of transporting on a plane and the easy cleanup. I set my easel up on the beach one calm and sunny morning to capture the tranquility of the bay as the sun rose in the morning sky.

I put together a short video of my plein air session on this warm Negril beach.