Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Milkshakes on the Rocks at Magen’s Bay

After a hearty breakfast, we gather our towels and lotion and head to the beach. Since I’ve always been a beach lover, I can’t say enough about two of my favorite beaches. The first and most famous St. Thomas beach is Magen’s Bay Beach. This beautiful crescent-shaped beach has hosted thousands of weddings. Walking along the beach to the left, you encounter diving pelicans searching for their fish dinner. As you walk to the right and pass the concession stand you can then walk in the water next to the rocks for quite a long way out because it’s so shallow.

Magen’s Bay Rocks -- 20"x40" acrylic painting on stretched canvas (unframed) available on my Etsy Shop page Alan Zawacki Fine Art Etsy Shop

If you want a tasty treat after spending the morning soaking up the sun on the beach, make a milkshake run to Udder Delite. This dairy facility/hut, just a half mile from the beach, serves great milkshakes and even a whole menu of alcoholic milkshakes. Yum!

Quiet Day at Secret Harbour

My second favorite beach on St. Thomas is Secret Harbour.  This little gem is  an intimate and relaxing stretch of water and beach tucked away on the east side of the island. It has great snorkeling and very calm water. I spotted my first barracuda one day while snorkeling there. We both just stared at each other for a few seconds before he swam off to find a fish more his size. They are generally very safe to be around unless you are wearing a shiny fishing lure around your neck.

Secret Harbour -- 12"x16" oil painting on stretched canvas (unframed) available on my Etsy Shop page Alan Zawacki Fine Art Etsy Shop
St. Thomas has a lot to offer, shopping, beaches, food, and great people. It also serves a convenient launching point to the other US and British Virgin Islands (coming up in future posts).

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