Friday, October 27, 2017

Re-Discovering Nature Through Plein Air Painting

It's been a while since my last blog post and also a while since I was out of my studio to create a plein air painting. On this sunny, warm morning, I drove 30 minutes south to The Bay Preserve in Osprey, Florida to join my fellow artists from the Light Chasers Plein Air group. I found a spot that caught my eye and set up my easel. 

For the next 1-1/2 hours, I tried to capture the essence of the scene -- tropical foliage framing the composition on both sides and the blue bay water in between. When I got back to my studio, I felt that the painting needed a stronger focal point so I added one more element, an egret taking off from the trees. There were quite a few birds flying though the area while I was painting but show me the super-person who can paint fast enough to actually paint a bird flying in real time! Plein air painters sometimes take a bit of artistic license and do a little "tweaking" back in the studio to finalize the painting. So I added my bird. I was now satisfied and felt that this completed my composition.

Besides the creative artistic results of plein air painting, I always re-discover that it just feels good to get out into the natural world to see, listen, smell and touch. There is something about being out in the elements that always feeds my soul. I'm absolutely sure that it's the source of my inspiration to paint as well as to gain a renewed perspective on life.

Have a great week,