Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stay Happy and Healthy Through Art

Whether your summer has been balmy or a bit of a washout, or your job has left you tired and frustrated, a peaceful seascape or landscape painting is an ideal way to transport yourself to a sunny happy place. Soothing memories of nature, vacations and adventures come flooding back. 

With all of the chaos and unpleasantness of current world events, I find that only strengthens my calling to create calming, nurturing and rejuvenating paintings that allow people to positively visualize, relax, reflect, and enjoy in the comfort of their homes. I gravitate toward creating uncomplicated, peaceful settings that, for some people, may also have a spiritual element to them; they certainly do for me.

Cruz Bay Sunset by Alan Zawacki

We think in pictures. Visualization or mental imagery is a very powerful human tool. We can visualize ourselves into happiness, health and accomplishment. We can also visualize ourselves into depression, illness and failure. It’s amazing how accurately and effectively the mind works through visualization. What we focus on the majority of the time will eventually materialize in our lives -- good or bad.

Relaxing on the living room couch and gazing up at a peaceful painting after a hard day also delivers a dose of feel-good endorphins throughout the brain. What a great way to daydream yourself into relaxation -- visualizing yourself in that beautiful and serene location. It can be better than an end of day glass of wine or martini. OK, that may be stretching it a little; but not by much! Maybe, have a glass of wine and gaze up at a peacefully glorious painting.

Morning on the Beach by Alan Zawacki

I'm thankful that I can play a small part in this theater of human mind over matter with my tropical seascape and landscape paintings. They comfort me and my hope is that they also comfort others.

Low Sun on the Water by Alan Zawacki

Have a happy and healthy week,