Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Creating That Caribbean Vacation Feel in Your Home

Do you ever dream of being able to live on a tropical island paradise year-round? You wake up in the morning with the warm, tropical breeze gently flowing through your window. You finish breakfast on your deck and make your way a few sandy steps to the beach. Standing in the tranquil, crystal clear, turquoise water, you savor the last sips of your cup of coffee and listen to the soft melody of a reggae tune in the background. As the sun rises over the palm trees, your day is just beginning and you look forward to enjoying each and every minute of this beautiful location.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle those feelings and memories to relive whenever you like--- especially in the dead of winter? Other than actually leaving it all behind and moving to an island, you can still capture and preserve those moments with a bit of creative Caribbean d├ęcor in your home by infusing plenty of bright colors combined with sun-bleached white accents and a “beachy” flavor. You can design the entire house interior with a tropical flavor or merely concentrate on one “tropical escape” room.

The tropical colors that you may choose to include are yellow, turquoise, blue, green and sandy off-whites. The Caribbean is a mixture of several cultures including, Spanish, French, African, Dutch and English. All of these cultures mix together to bring a rich bouquet of design choices.

Finally, selecting tropical fine art paintings for specific focal points in your home can bring an “almost-there” interior design to completion as a welcoming, tranquil, and warm, masterpiece. A large, well-done original tropical painting can add the grandeur of the Caribbean to your home like no other design piece. The painting can portray a favorite island vacation destination or a more generic tropical scene that just relaxes you.

So, how have you brought your favorite tropical paradise into your home? What elements of that favorite place would you like to relive every day upon walking into the door of your home after a hard day at work? I would be very interested in your perspectives.

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